My To-Do List

My time in Copenhagen has so far mostly involved finding a regular routine in a new country while saving money as much as possible. I don’t know how long I’ll be here but I want to leave with plenty of stories instead of thinking “oh, if only I’d done that when I lived in Denmark”. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a to-do list so I can keep track of the amazing things I’ve experienced while knowing what must-see things I can put aside my frugality for.

  1. See Copenhagen from above in its highest building, Tårnet
  2. Visit Kronborg Castle in Helsingør
  3. Enjoy a meal at the cat café
  4. Go to Legoland in Billund
  5. Spend a day at Tivoli
  6. Take a day trip to Malmö, Sweden
  7. Celebrate Valborg in Lund, Sweden
  8. Have a picnic in Fælledparken
  9. Tour the Carlsberg brewery
  10. Check out Christiania
  11. Take a walk along Amager Strand
  12. Jump off Islands Brygge
  13. Walk up the Round Tower
  14. Ride the wooden roller coaster at Bakken
  15. Take a canal boat tour
  16. Visit the cathedral in Roskilde
  17. Visit Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød
  18. Cycle across the finally completed Inderhavnsbroen
  19. Visit the island of Bornholm
  20. See the cliffs at Stevns Klint
  21. Walk the cobbled streets of Dragør

Suggestions in the comments are always welcome!


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