Another Year Over

At the beginning of this year I wrote a long post which included a rant about how much I hate New Year’s as a holiday and that I think resolutions are stupid. Well, all that is still true. But the reason I had written the post in the first place was to look back on … More Another Year Over

Malaga Part 3: Accidentally Climbing Promontories in Gibraltar

If there’s one thing I consider myself an expert in, it’s geography. I can name every country in the world and its capital, I know for the most part which territories belong to which nations, and yesterday I even submitted a goof to IMDb about characters who mispronounced country names in an episode of a … More Malaga Part 3: Accidentally Climbing Promontories in Gibraltar

Canadian Shenanigans

It’s strange to return to the place where you grew up for a holiday after a few years of not being there. I mean, there’s all that culture shock nonsense I already wrote about. But it’s also a weird combination that goes into planning what to do during your days: on one hand, you want … More Canadian Shenanigans