Hi, I’m Larissa.

In 2013 I studied abroad in Sweden. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Canada in 2014, I decided to move to Europe without a specific plan of where I wanted to live. After splitting time between Germany and Denmark, I’m currently settled in London, UK. I don’t have any recipes or DIY tips to share regularly, but I do like to write. Sometimes I write about places I’ve been and things I’ve seen, and sometimes I write deeper, more vulnerable posts about my struggles abroad in order to feel better and hopefully help others going through a similar situation. Join me on my adventures as I try and find steady work while crossing off items on my bucket list.

Why “Riding the Pine”?

When coming up with my blog name, I struggled to find an identity to capture in a quirky word or phrase. I grew up German-Canadian and have spent a lot of time travelling to other places and immersing myself in even more cultures. While I do associate with some places more than others, I don’t want to define myself by just one of them. I really wanted to use one of the clever dessert puns I came up with when naming one of my Pinterest boards, but since this isn’t a food blog none of them really worked. Well, except for “Gone with the Wine”, but it turns out everyone on every blogging platform has already used that as a username even if it isn’t the name of their blog. Harrumph.

Finally, I thought of something that I’ve loved and appreciated no matter where I am in the world: hockey. (Or ice hockey as the rest of the non-Canadian world calls it.) The Hockey Writers define riding the pine as

when a player spends the entire game sitting in the bench, and not getting any playing time. Usually reserved for benders and dusters

At a point in my life where I’m not living how I imagined I would as an adult, I live far away from my friends, and I’m feeling low after attaining university high, this feels perfectly suited to me. Oh yeah, and when it comes to playing hockey, I am most certainly a duster.

Social Media

Some of my social media accounts are linked on my site, and most of them are hidden and require follow requests. This is because blogging is not my full-time job. I’m still an average person trying to find (and keep) work in an age where anything you say online can and will be used against you. While I only post on my blog things that I am okay with sharing publicly, some of my social media posts are not reflective of my work in a professional setting and I’d prefer not to have everything seen by a potential future employer. However, I generally accept follow requests even from people I don’t know, so don’t hesitate to request a follow if you’re interested.