Exploring Geroldseck

It’s been just over a month since I moved back to Denmark, and here I am wrapping up my summer in Germany.

On my very last weekend back home, I insisted on something I’d been saying I’ll do ever since I moved to Germany. My family never made it a priority because for them it was just something that was there. But dammit, I finally wanted to say I had visited the castle ruins in the next city, the ones notable enough to have their own sign along the Autobahn: Geroldseck.

*dramatic music*

Apparently when the Canadian military was here, the Canadians used to love coming up this hill to visit the ruins. That’s not surprising – we don’t have anything similar in a country whose history is a lot different from Europe. Plus, it’s super close to the city, and makes for a nice little hike.


So when my mom and aunt were dating Canadians, they made their way up to Geroldseck a few times. It’s no wonder they were no longer as excited about it as I was.

Luckily, my mom accompanied me there before I left Germany, which is just as well because I doubt I would have known where to start to make it to the top.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about Geroldseck. It doesn’t even have its own Wikipedia page. What it does have is a nice view, so just enjoy the photos instead.










After trying to spot our house for a while, we headed back down a leisurely path filled with children’s games…


…passed some turkeys…


…and headed into the city for a sorbet cocktail.


Nice, gell?


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