Tivoli Adventures

I’ve written before about Europa Park, the place I’ve been visiting throughout my life that has given me incredibly high expectations when it comes to amusement parks. It was these high expectations that kept me from ever showing much interest in the amusement park right in Copenhagen’s centre, Tivoli. Eventually, something changed. I started seeing … More Tivoli Adventures

A Gay Old Time

16-21 August was Pride Week in Copenhagen. I’ve never been to any Pride events in Edmonton, and there weren’t any going on nearby where I lived in Germany, so I wanted to take advantage of living in a city and finally check out an event that I’d heard so many great things about. So on … More A Gay Old Time

Exploring Geroldseck

It’s been just over a month since I moved back to Denmark, and here I am wrapping up my summer in Germany. On my very last weekend back home, I insisted on something I’d been saying I’ll do ever since I moved to Germany. My family never made it a priority because for them it … More Exploring Geroldseck

Holiday in Heidelberg

For years whenever I go to Germany, my mom and aunts have been saying, “We should go to Heidelberg.” Heidelberg is a university city about 150 km north of where my family lives. I’ve heard so many times about how beautiful it is and that it has one of the longest shopping streets in Germany. … More Holiday in Heidelberg