Catching Up on the To-Do List

By the beginning of May, I knew I was going to be heading to Germany a few weeks later. At the time, having not secured anything beyond my internship, I wasn’t sure whether I’d be going back to Copenhagen or not. Panicked, I reviewed my to-do list to find what I needed to do in that time – just in case.

Going to Kronborg Castle was the biggest item on my list, but there were a few small things I wanted to check out as well.

Fælledparken 1

First up, one of the easiest items on the list was having a picnic in Fælledparken. It wasn’t much of a picnic – I packed a handful of grapes and raspberries and a beer – but I thought I at least needed a peek at Copenhagen’s biggest park.

What can I say, it was a park. It wasn’t particularly remarkable. It didn’t have castles like the parks at Rosenborg or in Frederiksberg. It is home to Parken though, Denmark’s current national stadium. It was a unique experience to not only be reading next to some kids playing football, but actually hearing the cheers from F.C. København fans as well.

Fælledparken 2

I hear nowadays this park is just full of people catching Pokémon.

Fælledparken 3

One of the reasons I wasn’t leaving for Germany until part way into June was because of Distortion, Copenhagen’s biggest street party that takes place in the first week of the month.

Distortion 2

This was my third time going to Distortion after having visited Copenhagen at the end of my exchange in 2013 and to meet up with Canadian friends last year. Distortion starts in the middle of the day, and I usually never last until the street parties move into the clubs in the evening.

Distortion 1
People queuing to get out of Dybbølsbro station when Distortion was in Vesterbro

Distortion 3

Distortion 4
This is a terrifying sight when drunk
Distortion 5
Drinking outside a church = acceptable during Distortion

This year I headed to the Vesterbro party on Thursday to get drunk with my co-workers one more time before my work-cation. We even managed to get an hour to ourselves on a rooftop away from the chaotic crowds.

Distortion 6

Distortion 7

The evening ended with some friends random people I don’t know climbing the roof of a building in Kødbyen, but I was too tuckered out at the time to attempt the adventure.

Distortion 8
Everything goes when it’s Distortion
Distortion 9
Well, except that

Before I knew it, my mom was coming to pick me up for the drive back to southern Germany. With one full (sunny!) day together in the city, I tried to cram a few more to-do list items into our itinerary.


On our way to Papirøen so I could treat my mom to some delicious street food, we passed by the entrance to Christiania. Even though it’s one of the most fascinating destinations for visitors to Copenhagen, I’d never been before, mostly because I thought I’d look silly going by myself. I was pleasantly surprised by how it looked inside (but there aren’t any photos allowed, sorry). It was filled with inviting restaurants and lots of funny, tacky souvenirs.

Christianshavn 3
The living is easy in Christiania, just like on these houseboats in Christianshavn

Next, we hopped on the metro to a beach in the city called Amagerstrand. The sun was shining but the wind was (naturally) blowing at hurricane speeds, so we didn’t actually make any attempt to go swimming.

Amagerstrand 1

Amagerstrand 2
Ashtrays for rent to keep cigarette butts out of the sand
Amagerstrand 3
View of the Øresund Bridge from Amagerstrand

Amagerstrand 4

Instead, we just found a picnic table somewhat secluded from the wind and had a cider.

Amagerstrand 5

And, of course, I always had to make time for food. I rewarded myself for not spending all my money during my internship by spending some of the remaining money on fancy meals and desserts (okay, mostly desserts).

American Pie Company 1
Having a slice of Apricot Coconut Crumble at the American Pie Company
Istid 2
Enjoying a scoop of nitrogen ice cream at ISTID
Istid 1
Fancy, eh?
Torvehallerne 2
Another stop at Torvehallerne, this time for a Korean pancake
American Pie Company 2
That pie was so good, I had to bring my mom for another slice (I went with the Bourbon Pecan this time)
Final fancy breakfast before the holiday – what else but kammerjunker in koldskål?

Of course, now that I know I’ll be back in Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, I’ll be using my knowledge of the best places to snack when I feel like I’ve earned a little indulging.


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