Springtime in Copenhagen

Honestly, I don’t know where the time goes.

I’ve been in Germany for over a month (already?! Yeesh) and here I am, writing about spring in Copenhagen.

The weekend after my mom left, it seemed tourist season officially began. I walked through the city on April 2 just trying to shop and could barely move through the hoardes of slow walkers. Only days earlier had I walked the same streets with my mom without any problems.

Pillow Fight Day
I decided to avoid the crowds for a bit and watch Copenhagen’s contribution to International Pillow Fight Day instead.

In mid-April, the clouds began to occasionally clear to remind us all that the sun was still burning, even if we couldn’t see it. I took the opportunity to visit Bispebjerg Kirkegård in northern Copenhagen to see the cherry blossoms for which the cemetery has become famous.

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 1

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 2

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 3

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 4
The cemetery was relatively empty, until…

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 5

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 6

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 7

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 8
Luckily I still caught them before they all fell down

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 9

Bispebjerg Cherry Blossoms 10

The arrival of more regular sunny days meant I starting getting out of the house a lot more. I made sure to spend plenty of time in as many parks as possible.

Orstedsparken 1
Ørstedsparken near Nørreport on Store bededag, or Great Prayer Day

Orstedsparken 2

I even went back to the Botanical Gardens to see some actual plants growing there.

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 1

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 2

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 3

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 4

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 5

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 6

Without gloomy clouds hanging over the rooftops, I bought a ticket to walk up the Round Tower and get a nice view of the city.

Round Tower 1
Originally built by Christian IV as an astronomical observatory

Round Tower 2

Round Tower 3
The Trinitatis Church

Round Tower 4

Round Tower 5

Round Tower 7

Round Tower 6
Kissing bench
Round Tower 8
Part of the Library Hall, which still hosts art exhibitions
Round Tower 9
Yup, it’s round

The spring sunshine brought some much needed life into Copenhagen. Suddenly everyone was outside all the time. I felt energized and ready to try new things. I even dared to spend some of my precious money on non-essential things like *gasp* eating out.

Christianshavn 1
…and drinking beer. Though we might call that one a necessity
Christianshavn 2
Sometimes other people joined me!
Torvehallerne 1
And sometimes I just went alone, like to try tapas at Torvehallerne
Copenhagen Street Food 1
I went to Copenhagen Street Food at Papirøen for the first time this year
Copenhagen Street Food 2
And tried Colombian food for the first time
The view while drinking a passion fruit mojito at Toldboden

I wore gloves and earmuffs into May because the wind continued to be ice cold, but we did have a few days at the beginning of the month where the temperature exceeded 25°C. My ride home from work became a bit more dangerous as people covered every available space in Islands Brygge.

I really can’t blame them though. It may have been short, but springtime in Copenhagen was just what I needed.

Frederiksberg Have Ducks
Checking out the ducks in Frederiksberg
Rosenborg Castle
The sun shining on Rosenborg Slot

Wine Sign


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