Easter Weekend Daytrips

I haven’t always looked forward to weekends. Especially during our gloomy winter, weekends became an excuse to stay inside and eat all day. When I found out that Danes have five straight days off of work over the Easter holidays, I was already wondering how I could possibly fill my time. Thankfully, I have a house full of roommates who were eager to do some exploring over the long weekend.

After a fairly productive two days at home, I woke up on Saturday to sunshine streaming in my windows. It was the perfect day to head north of the city and do something outdoors. We grabbed our bikes and headed on the train to Klampenborg to spend the day in Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park that is also surrounded by a giant forest park full of deer.

Bakken 1

Bakken 2

Bakken 3

Bakken 4
The park’s wildlife even includes unicorns

The park is free to enter – you only have to pay for the rides you want to go on. Having grown up with super high amusement park standards thanks to my bi-annual visits to Europa Park, I was happy to just walk through and take in the sights. I did want to say I got some experiences out of the amusement park though, so we all went on the giant wooden roller coaster Rutschebanen.

Bakken 5

Bakken 6

Bakken 7

Bakken 8
I can do roller coasters but this was too intense for me

We grabbed lunch in the park and then biked up to the Hermitage, an old hunting lodge.

Bakken 9
Nice view for lunch
Bakken 10
Followed by a nice view from the Hermitage

Bakken 11

Bakken 12

From there we cruised down to the shore and took a short and windy walk along the beach, watching a few brave Danes dare to dip into the ice-cold water.

Bakken 13

Bakken 14

Bakken 15

As I have noted several times since I’ve lived in Copenhagen, the weather is never allowed to be too nice for too long. So naturally, after such a beautiful Saturday, we were punished with rain and clouds on Sunday. To beat this awful Danish weather, a couple of friends invited me even further out of the city to Humlebæk to tour the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

I really don’t know anything about modern art, but there were still quite a few pieces I enjoyed. An artist was drawing by hand a pattern on kilometres worth of white fabric, which was rather striking.

Louisiana Museum 1
I just don’t understand modern art at all

Louisiana Museum 2

Louisiana Museum 3
A bunch of men (and one woman) were filmed individually singing John Lennon songs, and all the videos are played at once

We queued over twenty minutes for a room filled with mirrors, shallow water, and suspended lights. Being inside was surreal. It was so breathtaking I could have stayed in there for hours.

Louisiana Museum 4

Louisiana Museum 5

There is also an exhibition going on called Eye Attack, featuring works of op art and kinetic art. I love art that is an optical illusion, or that requires multiple perspectives to completely appreciate.

Louisiana Museum 6

Louisiana Museum 7

Louisiana Museum 8

The grounds of Louisiana are beautiful, so it was really a shame the weather wasn’t cooperating. Instead I watched a plump museum cat chasing mice from the comfort of the indoors.

Louisiana Museum 9

Louisiana Museum 10

Louisiana Museum 11

Louisiana Museum 12

The whole weekend was probably a major shock to my bank account, but it was a good reminder of how exciting it is to be living somewhere new. There is so much to explore out there.

Louisiana Museum 13

Louisiana Museum 14


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