Adventures in Fog

It has been cold and grey in Copenhagen this week. But, in my quest to enjoy the city, I’ve still been good about urging myself to go outside and see things.

Copenhagen Fog 1

On Monday, my bike, Prince Edward, and I braved the fog to go Kastellet. Kastellet is a former fortress (probably used to keep out the Swedes) that is still used for some military operations today, and shows up on a map of Copenhagen as “that star-shaped bit”. I’d been there before, as it also happens to be the area where the Little Mermaid/den Lille Havfrue statue is situated.

Copenhagen Fog 2

Copenhagen Fog 3
Dis my kingdom now

Copenhagen Fog 4

Of course, last time I was there it was summer, and things were a lot greener and livelier. On this day the whole park was a lot spookier as I walked the ramparts of the fortress.

Copenhagen Fog 5

Copenhagen Fog  6Copenhagen Fog  7Copenhagen Fog  8Copenhagen Fog  9

Yesterday morning I sat in my bed planning my day when suddenly the sun came out. I jumped up, wrenched open my window, and was hit with a forcible reminder that when the weather smiles upon you with the sun, it usually brings with it something horrible as well. It was cold and windy, but I was determined to go out anyway.

With all the clouds and general gloominess I’d experienced in Copenhagen so far, I thought a trip to the Botanical Garden to be surrounded by plants would do me some good. One of my biggest struggles in exploring the city on a budget in the winter is that there is hardly anything to do indoors for free. Thankfully the Botanical Gardens are part park, part greenhouses, and cost nothing.

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 1
Well, unless you go to the gift shop.

After clearing off the frozen raindrops from Prince Edward’s seat I made my way to the Botanisk Have, a sight that was still beautiful despite crisp weather.

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 2

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 3

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 4
I want my own statue with a deer someday

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 5

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 6

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 7
Sunset? Nah, it was 11:10 AM

The first greenhouse I stumbled into was for tropical plants. It was a stark contrast to outside: hot and so humid even my camera fogged up.

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 8

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 9

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 10

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 11

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 12

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 13
What a sad little lonely plant

I kind of expected the Botanical Garden to be like Edmonton’s Muttart Conservatory, but beyond the tropical greenhouse there wasn’t much to see. So I wandered around the park until I came to the Geological Museum (paid entry only), which then led me to the (free!) Statens Museum for Kunst.

Statens Museum for Kunst 1

I’ve been to a lot of museums and galleries on my travels and I usually don’t have a lot to say about what I see. Eventually I cease to notice major differences between paintings and eras and get tired of reading everything. Thankfully, the Danish national gallery was a breath of fresh air, focusing mostly on Nordic art from the 1800s to today.

Statens Museum for Kunst 2

Statens Museum for Kunst 3
Picasso’s “Glass with Lemon Slice”
Statens Museum for Kunst 4
Danish patriotism in words vs. Danish patriotism in art
Statens Museum for Kunst 5
Statens Museum for Kunst 6
Asger Jorn’s “Le soleil m’emmerde (The Sun is Pissing Me Off)”

Statens Museum for Kunst 7

And, since when I say I’m looking to do free things in Copenhagen I really mean free, I finished the afternoon off in the Botanisk Have with a cup of tea, brewed at home using a tea bag I brought with me from Germany. Ah, freedom.

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 14

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Love you all ❤

Copenhagen Botanical Garden 15


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