When I used to come to Germany to visit, one thing was always on my absolutely-need-to-do list: go to Europa Park. The only time I can remember staying here without going to Europa Park is in 2013 when I was here mostly alone after studying abroad. We even managed to squeeze in a trip when we spent just ten days here for my grandma’s 70th birthday. I told myself that if I ever lived here, I would get myself a year-long pass to the park so I could go whenever I wanted and try different restaurants, experience rides that I usually never made time for, and simply just take in the beauty of the park and its attention to detail. Sadly, I never did buy a yearly pass and other than visiting restaurants in its themed hotels (and working there for a few days…), I hadn’t made a single trip to Europa Park in 2015.

Europa Park 1

Europa Park is an amusement park that began 40 years ago as a fairytale village in the little town of Rust. Since then it has grown bigger than the town itself and boasts attractions such as Europe’s tallest roller coaster. As its name suggests, the park is built to be reflective of Europe’s diverse cultures and has theme sections made to look like different countries. The details are amazing and as a result the park is constantly winning awards for being Europe’s best recreation park. And I am so lucky to have family just a few towns over.

Europa Park 2

After a hectic Christmas some friends invited my mom and I to go to Europa Park’s Winterzauber, the spectacle the park puts on in the few weeks it is open during the winter season. Despite the wonderful weather we’ve been having I don’t think any of us expected the park to be so unbelievably crowded as the sun went down. Even though it was hardly worth queuing for any rides, the decorations were breathtaking. I’ll let the pictures do the talking on this one.

Europa Park 3
One of the first sights upon entering: Christmas market in Germany

Europa Park 4

Europa Park 5

Europa Park 6

Europa Park 7

Europa Park 8

Europa Park 9

Europa Park 10
Scrooge & Son in England
Europa Park 11
Dschungel-Floßfahrt, one of the more leisurely rides, was filled with snowglobes
Europa Park 12
Even the Euromaus mascot gets lit at Christmas
Europa Park 13
Lights in Märchenwald

Europa Park 14

Europa Park 15

Europa Park 16
Getting festive in Spain…
Europa Park 17
…with an Ice Bar (note: not really ice)
Europa Park 18
A hut in Portugal
Europa Park 19
Heading into Iceland
Europa Park 20
Iceland with the Blue Fire roller coaster shining especially bright
Europa Park 21
People fill the streets in Holland

Europa Park 22

Europa Park 23

Europa Park 24
A very bright St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia…
Europa Park 25
…in front of the Euro-Mir roller coaster
Europa Park 26
Giant advent wreath on the water in France
Europa Park 27
Eurosat roller coaster (also turns into a pumpkin for Halloween)
Europa Park 28
More France
Europa Park 29
And Italy

Just as we were heading out, a Santa in a tower announced a special Christmas gift: snow! Okay, so it obviously wasn’t real, but it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to snow all season.

Europa Park 30

Europa Park 31

Even pictures don’t really do the whole thing justice. Maybe you’ll just have to come and see it for yourself.


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