Gruß vom Titisee

When I used to tell people my family is in Germany, they would always ask from which part of the country, and I never knew what to say. It’s nowhere near Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich, and even the closest notable city is actually in France. Suffice it to say I always considered my family to live in the middle of nowhere. The thing is, if you’re really in the middle of nowhere, there must be a whole lot of nature around.

Titisee 1

Eventually I started telling people my family lived in the Black Forest region. So while I may live on flat, empty farmland, just on the horizon loom small mountains covered in a dark mass of trees. On a clear day I can see the Vosges in France as well, and living between two tiny mountain ranges means in the fall we are in trapped in a fog cloud.

During this particular week the fog was getting to everyone, so my mom suggested a Sunday trip up into the Black Forest to a lake called Titisee. Yes, it is pronounced as it is written (well, except that “see” is pronounced like “say”), and it is very much a real place. And thankfully, at 845 m above sea level, it allowed us to get out of our cloud.

Titisee 2
I was relieved to find the sun hadn’t gone out

My grandma came along as well, and as she’s not very mobile we ended up having coffee on a hotel patio above all the touristy cafés packed with people who had the same idea as we did to escape above the clouds. It was a blessing in disguise as it was quieter, calmer, and I got to people-watch without being part of the hoarde. Of course, when in the Black Forest, I had to treat myself to a proper slice of Black Forest cake.

Titisee 3

Afterwards my mom and I took a trek down to the lake.

Titisee 4
Titisee 5

The wonderful concept that is daylight savings time meant we could watch the beginning of the sunset after traditional coffee-drinking time (she said sarcastically).

Titisee 6
Titisee 7

We had already spent some time looking at Black Forest souvenirs in the summer, so we decided to skip the tourist-packed kitschy shops along the main street. Well, except for one.

Titisee 8

A lovely day up in the hills came to end when we drove back into the valley, straight into a fog cloud. Naturally.


2 thoughts on “Gruß vom Titisee

  1. This is awesome! That cake looks so tasty, buy missing the classic maraschino cherries.
    You look super cute too, I love the scarf!


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