I actually meant to write a lot more over the last two months, but didn’t. So what prompted me to try again?


I watch a lot of sports and I get really passionate about my teams. But I have never, ever felt like I did watching the Brazil-Germany World Cup semifinal last night.

From the moment Brazil beat Colombia I was filled with dread for this match. That game was so fast and agressive, and the Germans hadn’t been taking advantage of their opportunities all tournament. Considering the slim victories over the US, Algeria, and France, I thought Germany was doomed against Brazil.

Match day came, people were predicting 3-0 victories. I went with a safe guess of 1-0 because I just could not see Germany capitalizing on their chances against a powerful and physical team.

I watched with a bunch of Germans at a friend’s house in Germany. Hmm, what a powerful Brazilian national anthem. They’re going to play as aggressively as they sing. The first ten minutes were nerve-wracking. Then Müller scored, we all got excited, and on the replay we were stunned how wide open he was and making sure it wasn’t actually offside. Nope. Alright, game continues. I was still nervous because it was only one goal and there were still 80 minutes to play and hey, it was Brazil, so I sat straight up hugging my legs.

Then Klose scored. Yay, a new World Cup record! Everyone loves Klose! And it’s 2-0! Woohoo!

We all leaned back in our seats again, and I relaxed a little bit and stretched out my legs. We’re all marvelling about Klose when suddenly – TOOOORRRR! 3-0! No one can believe it! I’m feeling more comfortable about the score but I know Brazil has a lot of time to come back from being down by 3, especially if they get a serious talking to during half-time. That third goal looked pretty easy though.

Then suddenly a fourth goal. My jaw dropped like in a movie and I sat there looking like an idiot. This just couldn’t be real. Something must be wrong, maybe the ref missed an offside or there was a false start or it’s a video game and Brazil is about to quit and start over (seriously, I actually thought this). All the shots of crying Brazilians were making me sad because I knew if I was watching this happen to my team, I’d be bawling my face off.

At this point we were all starting to feel uncomfortable about embarrassing the Brazilians in their home country. Then boom, fifth goal, easy peasy like the last two. Germany is on pace to score 15 goals. This cannot be real.

After another 10 minutes with no more Germany goals we started to crack some jokes, “we want 10”, laugh at pictures on Facebook, etc. By the end of the second half, when a hattrick for Schürrle was still possible and Özil for once in the whole damn tournament decided to shoot instead of pass, we all ragged on him for it. Then when Oscar scored we pretended to be mad about ruining Neuer’s shutout and made jokes about how they could still mount a comeback.

This was probably one of the most surreal things I’ve ever experienced. I feel like most of the football-watching world is feeling the same way because it is just unreal. I walked home clapping like a loony and singing “Auf Deutschland schieß ein Tor”. Good thing small town Germany isn’t riddled with Brazilian football fans.

Go figure, when I fell asleep I dreamed that Brazil mounted a comeback and tied the game at 7. My alarm went off before it went into extra time.


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