Now What?

When I was feeling down after a string of being rejected from a few jobs I really wanted, my dad told me to start a blog to make money. I laughed at that idea. Well, I’m not blogging to make money, but I figured writing something would help keep me sane in the time it takes to actually find out if I’m going to be able to do anything with my undergrad degree. Plus, my internal life narration was starting to head into a dark, Fight Club-esque place, and I’d really rather avoid that.

So. I finished my Bachelor of Commerce and despite my best efforts, I don’t have a job. I also don’t have a home (technically). Or a car. Or a boyfriend. But who’s counting, really?

After I studied abroad in Sweden, I had this nice image of me going back somewhere in Europe to work once I was done school, so for the past four months I’ve been sitting in Canada, applying for jobs across the world. All the while my enthusiasm has dwindled to the point where I actually get excited when I receive a rejection email from some company that makes it seem like they actually looked beyond the address on my application. I had this vision of going to visit friends in Sweden for Valborg, then staying in Europe in some cute tiny apartment and starting my job at some big, exciting company marketing alcohol. (When I type it out, I’m starting to see how unrealistic that sounds.)

Alas, that was not the case. But since I still live at home and my mom is moving to Germany, I am without a house in Canada – so I figured I may as well go with her. It sounds like a fine plan and all until you realize that my mom does not yet have a house in Germany; we’re living in the top floor of my oma’s house in a town of 2,500 people with very little internet. This is going to throw a new (unnecessary) curveball into the job applications.

We officially booked our flights for June 15. Now, I’ve studied abroad, so I know what it feels like to live in a country with a deadline for how long you have to do things. But after living somewhere for 21 years, it’s quite a different sensation realizing you have just over a month to do a bunch of things you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to doing. Hey, does anyone want to come to Seattle to watch a Mariners game with me?

Hopefully this blog will help me keep track of all the things I have left to do before I peace out of this country for an indefinite amount of time. In any case I can re-tumbl things too. (I’ll get the hang of this soon, I promise.)



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