Saturday in Cambridge

We were officially allowed to travel within the UK again when lockdown restrictions eased on 12 April. I was in no rush to go anywhere; I love London, and all I really wanted to do was go to a pub and see my friends again. But once the pub novelty started to wear off and … More Saturday in Cambridge


Eat Out to Help Out

In July, the UK government finally had some good news. To help boost the hospitality sector that had been badly impacted by coronavirus closures, the government decided to encourage residents to visit local restaurants by paying for up to £10 of their meal – Eat Out to Help Out. During lockdown, I mostly resisted the … More Eat Out to Help Out

Weekend in Bath

At the beginning of 2019, I took an online quiz called “What should your travel resolution for 2019 be?” The quiz told me to keep a travel journal. It’s not secret on this blog that I think new year’s resolutions are stupid, but I did it anyway. And in fact, I did it so well … More Weekend in Bath

I Ate Nothing but Tom Daley Recipes for a Week and I Feel Great

For my birthday last summer, my aunt bought me Tom’s Daily Plan, the first cookbook by English diver Tom Daley. Upon flipping through the pages there were already so many recipes I wanted to try. I spent a few weeks following the included workout plan and cooked up some amazing dishes. One of my biggest … More I Ate Nothing but Tom Daley Recipes for a Week and I Feel Great